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Google Earth Outreach Showcase! View Comments


We’re honored to be mentioned in the Google Earth Outreach Showcase! Here you can read about how 300 Acres is engaging donors by creating a bridge between donors and the land through Google My Maps.

See our project in the Google Earth Showcase, or check out the forest of donors we’ve been growing in our Google Map.

Let us know what else we can do for you, as donors to the project!

Best Regards,
Shalaco Sching
Founder | 300 Acres

We’re on the NetSquared Blog Today! View Comments


Interested in “remixing the web for social change?” Then head on over to the NetSquared blog to hear about us and other organizations that are looking to create real world change over the web! Netsquared is also listed as our newest supporter!

Today I posted “300acres.com Needs Your Help – We Have 30 Days to Save the Rainforest!” Show your support by leaving a comment on the blog and sharing the post with others on Twitter and Facebook.

Dear friend Amy Sample Ward  who suggested we blog there can also be found on Twitter, where she and other “change makers” are  leading the worldwide effort in online-based social change.

Thanks! Let’s keep spreading the word!

Natalie Villalobos
Founder of 300 Acres

How We Came To Be – Words from Flavio and Justin View Comments

The School of Guayusa has always existed – it is the natural school of life and communion with the earth. What is happening now, the recuperating and saving of ancestral land and the School of Guayusa that is being created there, is all a truly incredible process of sharing and love. This is a vision that is born of the earth’s dreaming. This is something that we are all a part of.

Before this project was brought to the world, it needed a spark. In the fall of 2009 that spark was delivered by Olivia Boyce-Abel, great friend of the Amazanga community, fellow conservationist and founder of the Obaboa Foundation. Olivia has helped the Amazanga to create the Llushin Rainforest Reserve and is thought of as a sister in the community.

Knowing the importance of the land and this project, Olivia donated $20,000 to the School of Guayusa to help recuperate the earth that was needed, the very earth that is being saved as we speak. This amazing gift strengthened the School of Guayusa in a profound way and set in motion an incredible process that has now connected people around the world.

To the Amazanga, nothing is impossible. 300 acres in 30 days? Of course we can. They will keep on protecting the forest as they always have. But they can’t do it alone. They’ve called for solidarity across borders and cultures, for a uniting of consciousness of nature and the earth. This call is being heard. People are coming together. The world is joining in on the fun. We are returning to our true place as caretakers, not owners.

Together we walk, with love and thanks, the earth is our temple.

Justin Wilson & Flavio Santi

We Need Your Help! View Comments

It’s been less than 72 hours since we launched the site and we’re already close to $1,000! Thank you to everyone thus far who has donated – be it $5 to $250, I am so grateful for the gifts of generosity.
Monday March 8th we’re taking this project to the masses. We have less than 28 days now to buy this land or it could fall into the hands of investors eager to develop or divide the land against the Amazanga people’s wishes.

Have you seen Avatar? Ok – this is the real thing. Native people’s land, in this case the Amazanga community + the numerous communities around them, trying with everything they can to hold onto their sacred sites. This is a forest where children learn lessons of mythology, where men and women are cured by the forest’s natural medicines, and where families are grasping to maintain the traditional culture they’ve held dear since the beginning of time.

Help us this week by using all forms of “social” to get the word out. Join our Twitter and Facebook for updates – and tweet or update when you’ve donated to share your passion with others! Use your email to shoot this out to personal friends and family who might be interested in donating. Are you on any list-serv’s? Send it out to them too. We can do this..now in 28 days or less.

We also have a limited number of postcards that we can send out to you. Full color, front and back, with Flavio’s 3 sons being featured on the front (as seen in this post). Contact me if you’d like some to distribute.

Our compassion knows no bounds.

Natalie Villalobos
Founder of 300 Acres

Time to save the world… View Comments

Last night Shalaco and I sat in a big ol’ creaking, art-filled Victorian home in the Mission district of San Francisco. Jurassic 5, The Beastie Boys, and Ethiopian jazz kept us inspired and attentive as we built out the site. My dream was to have today, Friday March 5th, 2010 be the official launch of the 300 Acres Project..and here we are!

Today is a day to share the site – our web’tastic approach to sharing the notion that we, as a tech-savvy community, can save the world by protecting indigenous people and their land – all through the internet. It’s all of our land really. I’d protect your home and look out for you as a good neighbor just as much as I’d kindly ask you do the same for me. Now the rally cry is for people that might live a bit farther away than around the block. This time our mission is in Puyo, Ecuador. They need us there – and the best way we can provide for our friends is to raise funds to save their home.

I challenge you today to share this site with the people whom you trust. The same people you’d ask to watch your house or cat-sit while you’re away. Maybe it’ll be your co-workers, or your yoga classmates, or your Sunday afternoon get-together of bird watchers.

Much Appreciated!

Natalie Villalobos
Founder of 300 Acres

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