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Flavio Santi – Quichuar Healer, Director of the School of Guayusa, Inspiration for the 300 acres project

Is an indigenous healer and environmental conservationist who has lived his life in the name of protecting the earth and its natural wisdom. Based in the northern Amazon of Ecuador, Flavio’s community, the Amazanga, are forest protectors and healers of Quichua, Shuar and Ashuar descent who work towards the preservation of nature and earth wisdom through land conservation and the sharing of indigenous traditions. Flavio speaks Spanish, Quichua & Shuar.

Flavio has served on the nation’s Quichua parliament for the Pastaza region, and he has been the Director of Communications for the Confederation of Indigenous nations of the Northern Amazaon (CONFENIAE). He has also served as Cultural Director for Fundacion Runa. Flavio is his community’s international ambassador and representative, and he has traveled the world to carry and share their messages of environmental consciousness.

Currently, Flavio continues his work to protect the earth and its wisdom through teachings, workshops and the School of Guayusa.

To contact Flavio, please write to him in Spanish or Quichua

Justin Wilson – International Coordinator for The School of Guayusa

Is a writer, researcher and translator who is dedicated to the protection of nature and the preservation of natural medicines. A teacher and facilitator for cross cultural programs and workshops, he has studied natural medicine around the world. Justin holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University and currently serves as International Coordinator for the School of Guayusa and the Wanduk Foundation.

Natalie Villalobos – Founder of 300 Acres

Is a community manager who specializes in project/product development. In November of 2009 she started at Google as the Community Manager for Sidewiki, a product that allows users to annotate any webpage on the internet.

She’s a self-proclaimed ‘teaist,’ regularly writing at natalievillalobos.com and on Twitter as @nataliaenvy – where she documents her passions, feats, and antics.

300 Acres is her first foray into utilizing social media for social good – but is not her first attempt at saving the world.

Shalaco Sching – Founder 300 Acres

Web designer and creative hybrid with a background in photography, film production and design. He specializes in using traditional and emerging technologies to translate stories to the world world wide web. He helps everyone from technocentrics to internet neophytes create their online web presence. He is currently developing Zambaleta’s blog, the San Francisco based world music and dance school.

Story telling is one of the oldest human art forms. Harnessing conventional wisdom and fusing it with contemporary technologies he brings people’s stories to the ever growing online community.

Read his blog, follow him on twitter or contact him.

Jay Kravitz – Special Ops Designer

Oakland artist Jay Kravitz has been pouring energy into the Bay Area art scene since he first cast wild-eyes on it in 1991.  As The Crucible’s exalted Minister of Propaganda, Jay has been instrumental in the creation::cultivation of the facility’s design identity along with managing/producing/stage directing all of it’s epic fundraising events since we first opened our doors in 1999.  Involved in everything he can share his heart with, Jay’s portfolio encompasses metal, glass, fire, ink, found objects, graphic design, music and performance – twisting sculpture into visual and tactile emblems of life.

Contact Jay via email and view his work at rsneight.com

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    As soon as you get listed with FCGF, I will see that you get a donation.

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