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See how your contribution makes a difference! Donate $50 or more and see your name appear on this map as a “tree point!” Remember, all donations ARE tax deductible through our gracious sponsor Natural Villages.

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In Gratitude For Your Donation

  • If you donate $50 or more we will place a pin on the map with your name on it
  • If you donate $150 or more you’ll receive all of the above AND be written a personalized letter from Flavio Santi and the Amazanga people
  • If you donate $250 or more you’ll receive all of the above AND be gifted a package of guayusa tea grown on the tribe’s land in Puyo, Ecuador
  • If you donate $500 or more you’ll receive all of the above AND a huge surprise that we can’t divulge yet!

Note: If you do not want to have your name associated with your “tree point” on the map simply put a comment in the Paypal comment field.

If you or your company would like to donate a large sum please contact Natalie Villalobos. We are able to showcase extraordinary donors on our home page by offering an opportunity to place your logo/appropriate picture of choice and URL link in the “supporters” widget.

What’s at Stake
Without the sufficient funds this land will be sold to a group of investors from Ambato, Tungurahua. This sacred land is under severe threat of gold mining, logging and development.

By saving this sacred land we will be ensuring its protection for generations to come. The Amazanga community refers to this part of the jungle as the ‘Eternal Forest of the Children,’ and this is the name that is being officially placed on this land’s title.

There are springs on this land that lead to several breathtaking waterfalls, and the preserving of this forest will also ensure the protection and purity of the water that comes out of the very ground that exists there.

The saving of this land will also allow the Amazanga community to achieve their vision of basing their natural medicine school in a pristine part the jungle that is accessible to the elders that are the teachers and holders of the forest’s sacred wisdom. In this way, the indigenous people of this part of the Amazon will have a place to truly protect and share their culture, traditions and ancestral wisdom. With such an incredible and accessible forest as its base, the School of Guayusa will be able to host healers, teachers and students from throughout South America and the world, uniting communities and preserving natural healing traditions for future generations.

  1. cozmiuk says:

    Since as all donations are tax deductible I hope everybody who can afford it will take the time to donate $50 or more. And even if you can't afford to make a donation, you can still make a difference by promoting this charitable effort among your twitter or facebook friends. Gene Haas

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