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Dear friends of 300 Acres,

Today we received a letter from an 8th grade girl in Santa Cruz, California who recently met Flavio Santi (inspiration for the 300 Acres project) when he visited her school.

Here is her letter in it’s entirety -

Flavio Santi recently came to my school. Nature Academy, a charter school for grades 6, 7 and 8. He shared about living his life in the Amazanga community in the Ecuadorian rain forest. He played his home made wooden flute for our class. I enjoyed that. Through his music it is very clear to me he is connected to spirit.

He told us the long history of how (mostly American) oil companies and mining companies have been coming into their country and destroying the sacred land. How the water and air becomes polluted by the process of extruding the oil and minerals.
I would think that the people in power would have learned from the past mistakes that have been made in history. For example the Native American Indians. They have lost most of their land and original culture.

I feel very sad for the people in Ecuador. They should not have to buy the land that was originally the land their ancestors cared for and guarded, and is sacred to their people. Flavio’s people never claim to “own” the land. They are guardians of the earth. That is what we all need to be! This entire true story is based on greed. I do not understand how big companies have the right to just go in and take sacred ancestral land and then destroy it.

I am very happy to have met Flavio Santi…I call him my friend and I believe in his mission. He is an excellent messenger. He gives me hope.

Emma Drejes
Grade 8
Nature Academy

  1. MrsMoody says:

    This post reminds me of Indonesian children, saddening. Thanks for sharing.

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