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Square is an SF company that has launched a hand-dandy iPhone/iTouch device that allows users to accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere.

Ex-coworker and friend Jordan Alperin was the first person to make the case and connection for me to work with Square to raise funds quickly and easily for 300 Acres. He pointed me to Cameron Walters, friend and co-founder of Square who was out last night at SXSW raising funds for a charity focused on creating clean water for communities. I was ecstatic when Cameron bestowed the credit card device, however  one boundry stood in my way of accepting donations quickly… I didn’t have an iPhone or an iTouch.

So I spent some time this morning at the AT&T store, got myself an iPhone – and in less than an hour’s time I raised $81.00 with my Square device.

3/15 Update: Our grand total raised through Square is now over $500!

Square is a game-changing company and their technology is well done, their customer interface is excellently designed, and every person who contributes to 300 Acres using Square has walked away with a smile!

Thanks Square!

Natalie Villalobos

  1. Thanh Lu says:

    Wow, this is such a cool app! And great use of technology for your cause! Thanks for sharing.

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