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Not only will your tax deductible donation help save the endangered rainforest where the Amazanga people reside, but it will also aid in the on-going construction of their school of natural medicine – The School of Guayusa.

The Amazanga are now working toward recuperating 300+ acres of pristine jungle that is under severe threat of destruction. Blessed with waterfalls and dense jungle growth, this forest will serve as a base for the Amazanga’s international natural medicine school, the School of Guayusa.

This sacred, ancestral land was seized by the Ecuadorian government and military in 1940. The indigenous people that inhabited this area were forced to leave their home, the source of so much abundance. Now, however, we have the opportunity to reclaim this land for its rightful protectors.

The Amazanga are a group of indigenous healers and conservationists of Quichua and Shuar descent who are dedicated to the protection of nature and the preservation of natural wisdom and indigenous traditions. They are true forest protectors who have resisted the destruction of the Amazon jungle by oil and mining threats since the inception of those influences.

For almost a century the Amazanga have organized grassroots campaigns to protect the forest from oil companies such as Shell, Arco and Tripetrol, mining companies such as Nambija, and logging companies such as Plevol.

With the help of U.S. based foundations such as Tropical Rainforest Coalition, the Amazanga have helped to recuperate over 5,000 acres of ancestral land that is now protected as a natural reserve and being guided toward becoming a World Heritage Site. Read more about the Llushin Rainforest Reserve.

As the Amazanga like to say,

we are guardians of the earth, not owners of it.

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