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School of Guayusa – Planned Activities

The School of Guayusa has always existed. It is the ancient school of nature, the eternal connection with the earth and its natural healing ways. Herbal medicine, dreaming, communion with nature, spiritual balance and natural birthing are all integral parts of the School of Guayusa.

The development of the school  is critical to protecting indigenous heritage throughout the Amazon and the world, and is dedicated to preserving indigenous traditions, ancestral wisdom and natural healing methods that are being lost to modern influences. This is done through learning with nature, workshops, teaching, sharing and collaborating on both local and international levels.

The school works to unite people young and old from different cultures, to provide a place that nurtures and inspires us all to return to our natural ways and to offer an alternative to the draw of a life based on material things. The School of Guayusa includes a natural birthing center, herbal medicine, dream teaching, shamanic traditions, indigenous arts & crafts, traditional games, dance and music. The School of Guayusa is a place to bring balance between humans and nature, to unite in our love for the earth. This is a place to bring together people and communities throughout the Amazon and the world, a place to preserve the earth wisdom of herbal medicine, spiritual games and the healing powers of nature.

The School of Guayusa is a place for us all to reconnect with our mother earth and all her healing wonder.

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The Amazanga community, Puyo, Ecuador

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