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Thanks to our outreach at the South by Southwest Festival and partnership with Square, we were able to raise over $1,000 in 36 hours! A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who donated during this time!

Our new total is – $4,465.30!

The total thus far is a cumulative total of our outreach on Razoo.com, our mobile transaction outreach on Square, and our 300acres.com ChipIn donations. I wish there was a way to show it all in the ChipIn but unfortunately it’s not possible.

Here are the best ways to donate and spread the word about the 300 Acres project:

Donate via the website – Click on the ChipIn widget on any page (upper right hand corner) and donate directly to our Paypal account

Donate via Razoo.com – This donation will be made directly to our non-profit partner Natural Villages on our behalf

Also join us on Facebook and Twitter to share the word about your passion for saving 300 acres of the rainforest in 30 days!

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